Benefits of the MDVIP Program

Please read below to learn about the advantages of joining our MDVIP-affiliated practice. Complete the form below to initiate setting up a Meet-and-Greet appointment in which we can discuss the specifics of our practice and determine if we would be a good fit for you.

Wellness Exam

This annual exam is the core of MDVIP program. These visits include a thorough health history review and comprehensive diagnostic testing.

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Preventive Model

We deliver a wellness model that ensures we're always one step ahead in thinking about your health.

Patient Based

Our patients are at the center of all of our decisions. We work in collaboration with you to help keep you the healthiest you.


Your physician provides 24/7 care. Ability to contact them is always just at your fingertips.

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Wellness Program

The MDVIP preventive approach to medicine has been proven to result in healthier outcomes and keep patients out of the hospital. The core of the MDVIP advantage is the Wellness Program. The goal of this extensive visit is for your physician to develop a personalized wellness plan that takes all of the results of your extensive screenings and tests into account.

This data gives you and your physician a more comprehensive view of your health and provides you with the direction you need to take to achieve optimal wellness.

In preparation for this appointment, we have you visit our lab for extensive blood work ordered by your doctor based on your needs. The tests that would not be covered by your insurance are done at no cost to you. Your physician pays this as part of your MDVIP Membership.

At the time of your lab draw, we will have you complete various health questionnaires that give your physician a better picture of your wellness. At this time, we also encourage you to meet with our Registered Dietitian, Jessica, to discuss your current dietary and exercise practices, and develop the framework for your physician to assist you on your journey to nutritional wellness. After this brief consultation, if you feel that more time with Jessica would be valuable, we urge you to schedule an hour long consultation in order to obtain the full benefits of her services [link to nutritional services].

On the day of your Annual Wellness Visit, your doctor’s clinical staff member will complete your intake by reviewing some of your medical history and performing various diagnostic tests such as hearing screening, vision screening, EKG, spirometry, Body Composition Analysis, and ankle-brachial index. You will also be offered any immunizations you are due for.

Once you finish with your intake, you will meet with your physician. Together, you two will review the diagnostic results in addition to the results of the lab work and the questionnaires you completed. You will have the opportunity to discuss any health concerns and your physician will develop your individualized care plan based off of all the information gathered during the course of this visit.

In the first few weeks following your visit, you will receive a folder via USPS mail that contains all of information that was discussed as well as copies of all the results. In addition, a copy will be available to you electronically via the MDVIP portal for 24/7 access at your fingertips.

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